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Why we began this charity foundation

Writing this in 2018, December has us as a family look back and consider the impact of losing two parents and a beloved auntie in 18 months. The cancers that killed them were all different but all were caught that little bit too late.

I don't have a parent to lose anymore, but other's do. I don't wish this on anyone. Accepting that you can't change what has happened to you was the first stage of dealing with the grief, but as in my business life, I enjoy a challenge and I know helping others avoid a missed opportunity would be an incredible legacy. After discussions, we decided that it would be great to help develop a prize fund/grant for a research student/s or innovator who is focusing on early cancer screening techniques. But we didn't want these outcomes to lead to merely tools for the affluent. Loss hurts us all, it does not care about social and economic boundaries, it hits home in Syria, it hits home in Pakistan, the USA and the UK. We are all equally susceptible to diseases in some form and losing a parent or loved one can have much wider impacts. From the loss of a provider, an only child, a twin, a local GP, a wonderful teacher, a brave fireman. My sister and I saw all of these individuals on our family's journey. As our mother passed away, so did a young fireman surrounded by his young family and friends. Lets do something great. Because that's all I could do to remember my family in the right way.

Being in business, I am uniquely privileged to be able to have access to leverage that if used correctly can encourage suppliers, beneficiaries of our work etc to participate in socially responsible work.

How do the awards work?

In conjunction with a major household name in the University and Research sector, we make available annually a pot of capital that if the applicant meets the required objectives of the charity, is able to access. Subject to an agreed plan, they can put this toward presenting their findings at international conferences, pay for further research, or expand on their findings for commercialisation. As the foundation raises further funds we will widen the University pool, but at this stage have selected a Tier 1 global brand, which manages the funds provided through it's own charity board.

The legacy of our parents made making this target to be funded annually possible for many years to come, but the fact remains, if we want to encourage more first class research to help us all live healthier and pick up on Cancer before it becomes a bigger problem, then we will need to run a handful of annual initiatives. February 23rd 2019 - Vape and Juice TV presents...eSports Vape Industry Challenge - this will be our first event, followed with a Tuk Tuk tour of Sri Lanka in April, which will be documented via this blog.

If you want to get in touch, please hit the contact button.


David Mason

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