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Welcome to The Mason Foundation for Innovation in Early Cancer Screening

Beat Cancer from Day 1

The Mason Foundation for Innovation in Early Cancer Screening, is a charitable micro-trust set up to support and encourage research into early cancer screening and healthcare diagnostics, with it's emphasis on being affordable and accessible.

In memory of David and Patricia Mason - our parents

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What do we do

Beat Cancer from Day 1.

We can do so many things with our day to day tech, from shopping, to dating and working, even watching a movie. But healthcare diagnostics via smartphone or smartwatch are lagging behind. The Mason Foundation was established to generate R&D momentum in the field of early cancer screening, such that accessible and affordable ways to check our heath is one day available to all.

The Mason Foundation meets this end through an annual bursary prize to a panel selected research Graduate. 

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What's our inspiration

In memory of our parents

"In the space of 18 months, I lost my parents to surgically treatable Cancers. While saying goodbye to my mother, an otherwise healthy fireman died in the room next door, to an aggressive carcinoma. The destruction these Cancers do to those we love can in many cases be controlled, if only we could pick up on them early.

My parent's legacy is to sponsor an annual bursary/grant that rewards the most innovative work in a given year toward early Cancer screening that has the emphasis on wide user adoption. Who knows, maybe the award winner will make the next real smartwatch."

David Mason - Co-Founder

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Experimenting in Lab

The Mason Innovation Prize

Honouring the UK's leading research Graduate in the field of early Cancer screening

Modern Digital Watch

The Mason 'Tech-beats-Cancer' Award

Supporting tech developments that supplement healthcare diagnostics

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“What are you doing today, that will change other people's tomorrow?”


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